Faith and Learning Forum is unique–an international online Christian worldview journal—an academic university of Christian scholarship. 

It is for faith & learning  scholars in Christian and research universities, students, and interested people who want to read and contribute to stimulating Christian worldview commentary and actual in-fact examples of the integration of faith & learning.  It is Christian scholarship online. 

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Faith & Learning Forum 

First rate Christian scholars and authors–Nicholas Wolterstorff, George Marsden, Alvin Plantinga, Mark Eckel, James Schaap, Philip Yancey and others…commentary on and examples of faith & learning integrations…scholarly essays…thought-provoking blogs…incisive book and movie reviews…student opportunities…and more. 

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FAITH & LEARNING FORUMChristian scholarship in a variety of formats. 

Research and Scholarly Articles–focusing on faith and learning applications. 

Articles/essays–discussions and examples of  the integration of faith & learning in the various disciplines.

Faith & Learning in the News Blog–Christian worldview commentary on contemporary culture.

Faith & Learning Insights Blog–reflections on issues of interest to Christian

Book Reviews–faith & learning analysis of books important to Christian scholars and thinkers.

Movie Reviews–commentary on various films from a Christian perspective.

Bibliographic Resources–an enormous faith & learning bibliography–by academic area.

Student Section–opportunities for students to contribute papers involving faith & learning issues.

Index–helps you find any author, any publication on Faith & Learning Forum.  

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